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    Sustainable Fintech Report 2023

    Dive into the future of sustainable fintech with the MENA Fintech Association’s Sustainable Fintech Alliance as it unveils its groundbreaking Sustainable Fintech Report 2023. This report features insights from leading companies at the forefront of innovation, including Paymentology, Paymob, Mastercard, META, Heriot-Watt University, The Entertainer, KARM Legal, M2P Fintech, BPC Fintech, Klarna, Mamo, Rival, Codebase Technologies, Communique, Marshal Fintech Partners, Themis, and Green Digital Finance Alliance. 

    Discover the collaborative efforts shaping the sustainable fintech landscape, supported by entities such as DIFC, Central Bank of Egypt and ADGM. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how these industry leaders are driving positive change, promoting responsible innovation, and contributing to the development of a resilient and environmentally conscious financial future. Join us on this transformative journey by delving into the pages of the Sustainable Fintech Report 2023 and stay informed, stay ahead.